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EquiTrack - Horse Trainer

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Your competitive advantage!Help get your equine in tip top shape with EquiTrack, the easy and fun way to record your equestrian rides.
EquiTrack can help you gain that competitive advantage by giving you the information you need to customize training for each horse in your stable.
Keep your pleasure rides all in one app with EquiTrack. Its easy to record and see how far and fast youve ridden.
Post it - email it! Show off your training or pleasure rides on Facebook, or email to a client to show how you and your equine partner are doing.
For pleasure riding or training - EquiTrack makes it easy to keep it all at your fingertips.
Heres what EquiTrack can do:
Create a custom profile for your horse, including its own photo.Have as many horses in your apps stable as you need.Record each ride using the iPhone GPS, including time, distance, and speed.Record your horses heart rate.View the ride on a map as well as a detailed data page for statistics.Create custom training programs or use the built in programs. (see details below)Ride freestyle without using any training program, and the ride is still recorded by GPS.Listen to your music or audiobooks while riding, and the training programs sounds will cut in to notify you of a change.Monitor the energy your horse has used as well as yourself - for each ride.
EquiTrack Features:
Create custom training programs to enhance your workouts.Add custom notes to each ride.Each horse in your stable has a summary page showing the total time, distance, speeds, and energy used for all of its rides.Choose ground conditions to save with each ride for future reference, or to compare performances.Weather data is automatically added and saved with each ride.Your starting location is automatically added and saved with each ride.View your current speed, top speed, average speed, distance, time, and energy burned for each ride.View stable totals - see how far and fast your entire stable has ridden.Choose from many built-in sounds to customize the training program notifications.
Training Programs:
EquiTrack allows you to use up to 9 custom training programs to help train your equine to reach it peak performance.Each training program has up to 10 steps using either time or distance to record each step.EquiTrack will notify you by sound when each step is about to finish, then when it has finished.Easily modify a program to include or skip steps as desired.Each step is recorded separately so you can see performance on each step.
Example of a Custom Training Program:
Step 1 - Warmup for 4 minutesStep 2 - Trot for 1/4 mileStep 3 - Walk for 2 minutesStep 4 - Lope for 4 minutesMinutes
You can also ride without using any training program and the ride will be recorded on a map as well as statistics.
Background GPS Use: Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Please Note: This app requires a GPS enabled device: iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S or 5 It will not work with an iPod touch.
An Important Note About Energy Used:
The ‘calories burned’ calculation for humans is calculated using the speed and distance of your ride and is based on readily available calculations.However, energy consumed for horses is very difficult to calculate and would be determined by many factors, much more than is applicable to this app.Please note that the calculation for calories burned for your horse is not accurate and should not be used for anything other than a reference point to see if the horse is ‘burning more energy’ than the previous ride or training session.Please consult your veterinarian for questions regarding your horse’s health and caloric intake needs.